21 November 2010

The beginnings of a coat.

Nothing in this post is really special, but for my loyal readers (?) I am going to chronicle this coat from beginning to end!

This is the coat I am making. A crappy picture of the pattern envelope. View E!

And the drawing from the instructions. I love the seams on this! I am thinking of doing contrast topstitching, maybe dark brown since I have a million spools of it.

Mostly everything pinned and ready to go. The wool I am making this out of is delicious. It actually has a herringbone weave going on and I love it.

Except this pattern piece. It is kind of messed up. I don't know what happened there but I will fix it later.

And then everything's cut (except that silly, messed-up piece!)

And this is all that's left behind.

I don't know when I'm going to wear this coat. It will only be cold enough for a nice wool coat for about a week around here. But I am making it regardless! Because I got the wool on sale!

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